Manager’s Messages

3.1.17 Agenda

Lobby Improvement Vote Results

Dear Luma Homeowners,

Below are the results of the Lobby Capital Improvement Vote:

A total of 189 ballots were collected. Of the 189 ballots, 133 voted “In Favor” and 49 voted “Against”. Seven ballots were rejected as either duplicate or missing the signature/address envelope.

The measure passed.

In the near future the Association will email and post the construction schedule and provide updates as this much awaited projects moves forward.

Thank you to everyone that took the time cast your vote, share your thoughts, and work hard to get us where we are today.


Luma Homeowners Association

Board Meeting Reminder

Dear Homeowners,

The next meeting of the Luma Board of Directors will be held, Wednesday, April 18th at 7:00pm (5:30pm lobby ballot count) at the Villa Flores Multi-Purpose Room, 1020 S. Flower St., 90015. There will be a discussion of Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructure at this meeting.

Have a great afternoon

Bell Cart Lending Practices

Dear Residents,

For a while now we have been parking the bell carts on the 1st floor, outside of the double doors that lead to the garage. If you need to use one, please inform a front desk associate beforehand and again after you return the cart. Please don’t leave the cart on your floor or bring it into the lobby. This should make access easy for all and it will help preserve the lobby walls.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a wonderful day.

MyFig Update - 4/16 thru 4/20

Dear Luma Residents,

MyFig construction on 11th continues to trek along. See below for details on upcoming work this week and updates on overall project progress.

4/16 – 4/20 WORK
This week and next is focused on storm drain and catch basin construction. The work is occurring in 2 locations between 7A-3P daily,
1x storm drain work is between Hill and Olive.
1x storm drain work is between Grand and Hope.

Residents and businesses should be mindful of loud work and detouring of sidewalk access during the abovementioned hours. Loud work includes jackhammering of sidewalks/curbs, offloading of concrete, also dust from the jack hammering. During this work, pedestrians will be detoured away from the construction zone for safety purposes.

North-side still has some minor construction underway. This includes installing decorative sidewalk brick, landscaping elements and street light repairs.

South-side work has been quiet due to block by block surveying of the construction plans in relation to the actual street layout. Surveyed elements include new curbs, sidewalks, curb bump outs, ADA ramps, tree wells and electrical work for new street lights.

For any of your employees, residents, patrons or vendors, please let them know how any of the above-mentioned work may impact them. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to get you answers as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact MyFIG directly:
Mat Talag, LADOT
(213) 305-0312

Thank you,

Fire / Life Safety Retest - April 16th from 12pm to 3pm

Fire / Life Safety Retest

What: Fire / Life Safety Repair Certification Testing

When: Monday, April 16, 2018.

Time: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

This coming Monday, April 16, 2018 the building with be certifying several areas where the fire / life safety system has had repairs completed.

This will occur after 12:00 pm (noon). There is a possibility that an alarm may sound at times, but very briefly.  You may also see workman using ladders and misc. testing equipment.  Please use caution when in their vicinity.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Crime Watch Reminders

Dear Residents,

THE BUILDING, PARKING GARAGE, PERIMITER ~ Please keep an eye out for any activity that appears out of the ordinary and report any suspicions, concerns or security threat to the front desk. (213) 742-0387. A phone call can be very helpful in preventing and decreasing security risks. Your cooperation is appreciated by all who call Luma their home.

ELEVATORS ~ If someone is in the elevator and cannot seem to select a floor, please do not scan your fob. Please direct the person to the front desk. This will prevent unauthorized access.

PARKING GATES, GARAGE ~ If a resident approaches the gate and there is a car and/or person waiting, DO NOT open the gate, unless you can confirm the person is a resident. Otherwise, wait a moment to make sure the person has a garage remote. If they remain in front of the gate, contact the front desk to report the person in front of the gate. Residents may go around to the alternate entrance or wait for Luma staff to verify the person at the gate. Please contact the front desk if you notice any suspicious foot traffic or activity around the parking gates. Never leave valuables in plain view. Personal items, including cell phones, GPS devices, laptops or backpacks/purses should be removed from vehicle. If you must leave personal items in your vehicle, place them inside the trunk and/or out of sight.

HOMELESS ~ There has been an increase in the number of Homeless individuals in the area recently. Please be sure to call in any sightings near the garage gates or around the immediate area to the SPBID (213) 841-1181, or police and/or the Front Desk (213) 742-0387.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF A CRIME OR A WITNESS ~ The top priority of the Los Angeles Police Department is to prevent crime from occurring. Unfortunately, in a complex urban society such as Los Angeles, it is not possible to stop all criminal activity. We understand that crime victims can become lost in a justice system that is geared to prosecuting criminals. But during the last three decades, there has been increasing sensitivity to the needs and rights of crime victims on the part of the criminal justice system. For more information please see the LAPD website.

Please remember that residents should not rely on the Association to protect them from loss or harm. Residents should take every precaution to secure themselves and their personal belongings such as but not limited to, carrying insurance against loss, keeping doors (cars and units) locked, refusing to open any doors to strangers, asking workmen for identification and reporting anyone who is acting in a suspicious manner.

In the past it has been the practice of Luma to eblast criminal activity reported to the Association, however, after conducting a thorough review of crime prevention efforts legal counsel has advised against this practice. The Association suggests you reach out to local law enforcement to obtain information regarding criminal activities in your neighborhood and the City in general. You should never rely on the Association or other agencies that do not specialize in law enforcement.

Thank you.

Window Cleaning & Building Wash to Start April 16, 2018

Luma HOA has contracted with Chamberlin Building Services, Inc. to perform our window washing and building wash this April 16, 2018. The windows enclosing the balconies, the patio and balcony will be washed. The washing will also include the building exterior walls.

On Monday, April 16th, 2018, Chamberlin will begin cleaning Stack 01 (units ending in 01).Upon completion of Stack 01, they will proceed west (toward Hope St.) to Stack 02. As shown on the schedule, Chamberlin will then begin Stack 04 (facing Hope St.) and will continue moving north to complete Stacks 06, 08, 10, 12, 14 & 16. They will then move east to complete Stack 16 and begin cleaning Stack 15. Once Stack 15 is completed on the east side of the building facing the Terrace, Chamberlin will then begin Stack 03 (facing the Pool) and proceed north to complete Stacks 05, 07, 09, 11 and 13. Chamberlin’s goal is to complete one stack per day and complete the entire building by May 17, 2018. Please keep in mind this is an approximate date of completion.

The attached schedule shows a layout of the above information. Please view this document to see  the estimated date your Stack will be cleaned. The last two digits of your unit number represent the Stack number (e.g. #1702 is in Stack 02 and #1316 is in Stack 16).

Please be advised that the dates of cleaning for each Stack may change due to unforeseen reasons, (e.g. wind speed, rain, equipment failure). For your convenience, a daily schedule will be maintained on the bulletin board in the mailroom and will also be emailed with daily updates.


Hours of operation are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday, with the exception of Holidays. No personnel will be on the swing stage (suspended workers’ platform) before or after this timeframe.

Please check daily for updates as dates and direction of cleaning may change Exercise precaution when walking around the building.



CLEANED! The crew is not allowed to move any items on patios and balconies. If there are items left on the balcony/patio that obstructs any glass to be washed and/or surface to be rinsed, the crew may NOT BE ABLE TO CLEAN.

Please check your windows on the day they were cleaned in order to report any deficiencies to the HOA.

Window Washing Schedule 2018

Should you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the HOA office at 213-742-0387. Thank you.


MyFig Project Update

Dear Luma Residents,

Below is a message from the South Park BID regarding a change in the MYFIG project work site. Beginning on 3/17 it will be moving to the south side (LUMA) of 11th Street.

Happy Friday, everyone!

MyFIG has officially moved to the south-side of 11th St (Luma’s side). This south side work is expected to be less invasive than what occurred on the north side.

MyFIG and SPBID have been working closely the past few weeks to prep for this switch. At SPBID’s request for MyFIG to proactively prepare for the upcoming work, the project has surveyed the south side and has taken the existing properties into account beforehand. Additionally, specific stakeholder impacts have been acknowledged and are to be taken into account during construction.

Started on 3/17
11th St., between Main and Flower, will experience traffic delays and loud work. This work is scheduled for 8A – 3P. Expect rolling ~10-15 minute traffic delays throughout the day for westbound traffic.

MyFIG will be restriping the north side of 11th, in preparation to flip the flow of traffic. Restriping involves a grinder machine that is louder than normal. Please let residents know about this work.

When the restriping is finished, the cement krail will be moved to the south side of 11th. The krail relocation is moving east to west along 11th. The south side will be the new construction zone and cars will now drive on the north side of 11th.

All alleys, between Hill and Flower, will be accessible during the south side work. During the north side work, concrete krail was dropped and local access was cut off to 11th St. SPBID surveyed all alleys along the south side and MyFIG has approved to keep those alleys accessible throughout construction. This means krail will not be dropped or block the alleys.

However, there will be times where temporary access is closed due to specific work. When that happens, you will be notified in advance and need to reroute access for driveways, garages, etc.

• Expanded sidewalks were installed
• Additional lighting was added
• New landscaping is in place
• ADA-compliant ramps were installed
• New driveways at each alley were installed

Please feel free to contact MyFIG directly:
Mat Talag, LADOT
(213) 305-0312

Katie Kiefer
Director of Operations

South Park Business Improvement District
1100 S. Flower St., Suite #3400, Los Angeles, CA 90015 | o. 213 663 1120 | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

24/7 DISPATCH: 866-560-9346

Film Notice Reminder

Dear Luma Residents,

Untitled Dan Gilroy Project
Dates and Hours:
Prep: March 12th Inside Unit – 7AM to 7PM
Shoot: March 13th Front of the Building (see notes) then Inside Unit – 7AM to 9PM
Shoot: March 14th – Inside Unit – 10AM to 12AM
Shoot: March 15th Garage Parking Level 3 then Inside Unit (see notes) – 3PM to 5AM
Strike: March 16 – Inside Unit – 7AM to 7PM
No Parking Signs:
Production will be using two spaces on Hope St. in front of Luma
Notes on Exterior and Garage Filming
-Exterior sidewalks in Front of Building — allowing for residents to enter/exit as needed
-Filming on 3rd Level Parking (space 3066L & 3067L)
-Staging in 3rd Level Parking (3034L-3042L & 3064L -3065L)
Production Vehicles will be parking and off-loading next to the building in the south alley throughout production. You may experience periodic delays or blockages in the alley during this time so please plan accordingly.

On-Site Rep
Roy Pachinsky 646-872-0242
Thank you,

President Trump's Scheduled Visit to LA

Dear Luma Residents,

President Trump is scheduled to visit Southern California on Tuesday March 13th and Wednesday the 14th.

The trip begins in San Diego tomorrow morning and will be followed by a fundraiser in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area in the evening. It is further reported that the President is expected to be in the area on Wednesday, so we can assume he will be spending the night locally in the Los Angeles area. The locations of the events and where the President will be staying have not been disclosed as is often the case with any presidential visit.

As of this weekend, we are not aware of any permits for planned protests but we are aware of one group advertising on Facebook that has approximately 1000 people stating they would attend a protest to take place in the West Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area from 4pm -8pm on Tuesday. No specific location was yet given.

There are few other details surrounding the trip available , but as with any presidential visit, we can expect significant traffic issues as the motorcade travels through the area. In addition we can expect and should be prepared for additional protests over the next couple of days.

We recommend that you watch for additional updates on the local news channels and social media. Information regarding presidential travel is very limited, but often, the morning of the visit additional information is released to the news media with traffic alerts and areas to avoid.

Luma Homeowners Association

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