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4th of July

Dear Luma Residents,

Happy 4th of July!

Just a friendly reminder that for your safety, there is no roof access for viewing fireworks.

Thank you

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Water Shutdown Notice

Building Wide Water Shutdown

This coming Monday June 24, 2019 there will be a water shutdown that will affect the entire building. This shutdown is required to make mandatory repairs to the cold and hot water distribution system for floors 4 thru 11. However, this shutdown will affect all floors 4 thru PH2. All units located on these floors will not have water during the time frames noted below.

What Is Happening
1- At 4:00am Monday 6/24/2019 the hot water boilers will be shut down but the water will be left on at this stage. This is required to bring the water temperature down to ambient temperature so the work can progress on time. Once the boilers are shut down the only hot water available will be what is in the lines and the hot water storage tank.
2- You may shower, use the sinks, etc. until 9:00am water shutdown. Hot water will gradually decrease in your unit starting at 4:00am. We are unable to predict an exact time but at some point there will be no hot water available in your unit leading up to the 9:00am water shutdown.
3- At 9:00am the water to the building will be completely shut off. This is very important – please do not attempt to use any water after 9:00am. Opening a water valve, flushing a toilet, turning on washing machine, dishwasher etc. will cause the system to fill with air requiring more time for the system to balance and deliver water consistently to your unit after the repairs have been completed. This will take everyone’s cooperation…
4- Again, the hot water will be off starting at 4:00am for 10-12 hours and the building without water from the 4th floor thru PH2 from 9:00am-4:00pm.
5- At 9:00am Murray Plumbing and Koppl Pipeline Services will begin work on the two control valve stations for floors 4-11. Isolation valves will be installed to make repairs to the hot water side of the control station and will be used for future service and repairs to this area as needed thus eliminating the need for a building shutdown to make such repairs.

This is highly technical work requiring specialized tools and experts that will be on hand thru out this process. We are hoping for the best but planning for the worst. If anything should change we will send out an updated eblast so you can make knowledgeable decisions.

Please note this water shutdown will have no effect on the fire life safety system or the HVAC close loop system.

We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause you and thank you for your full cooperation and understanding as we take care of your home.

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Parking at Luma

Dear Residents,
As the downtown population grows and parking lots diminish, locating suitable parking can often be a challenge and sometimes costly. This has resulted in a minority of our residents being “creative” in their parking. With this in mind, we thought it might help to summarize and review parking policies at Luma to help prevent any possible inconveniences, misunderstandings and unnecessary expenses.

The vast majority of parking spaces are privately owned with a handful under the HOA control. You are of course authorized to park in your own assigned space. To park in any other space, than your own, you need advance permission from the resident who is in control of the parking space or the HOA. In the latter case you will have an authorization form, with limitations, issued by the HOA that you must place on your dashboard. Various areas of the garage have been designated as ‘no parking’ and no one can park or be authorize to park in these areas.

If you park in another resident’s parking space without permission, your vehicle is subject to being towed, without notice, and at your expense. The cost to get your vehicle back is approximately $400+, not to mention the inconvenience. If you park in an area designated as a ‘no parking’ zone, or in an area not designated for vehicle parking, your vehicle is subject to the same rules – towing at your expense, without notice. Staff cannot authorize parking in an area that is designated ‘no parking’ or in a space not under HOA control, so please do not ask. The HOA is not responsible for paying resident’s towing fees if your car is towed in violation of Luma’s policies.

If someone is parked in your space without authorization, you have the right to have the vehicle towed. You may notice a few parking spaces in the garage that are frequently empty. Please be respectful of others’ property. An empty parking space does not give you or your guest authority to park there. Again, if you park in another resident’s, or HOA parking space, without permission, your vehicle is subject to being towed, without notice, at your expense.

Motorcycles are unique and have a few more parking options than cars. Inquire at the Front Desk for available parking options.

Please let staff know if you are experiencing problems with your parking space, we will gladly assist you with steps towards prevention.

In addition to the tow fee, violating any parking policies could also result in fines after a properly conducted hearing. It should therefore be clear following Luma’s parking polices is not only the right thing to do for your community – your neighbors – but it is also the most cost effective.

Thank you,

Luma Homeowners Association

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The deep cleaning of the garage at Luma has been scheduled for June 4th through June 6th.

This service is conducted by our Maintenance team every other year.

Please ensure your vehicles are removed from their parking spaces on the scheduled date and time frame.

This is not mandatory. Parking spaces will be skipped if the vehicle is not removed and will not be cleaned once the level has been completed.

The team will be onsite each day from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm when cleaning will take place.

If you need parking during your scheduled cleaning time there are several lots around the area. The closest lot is on the East side of Hope St. just north of 11th St.

Tuesday 6/4/19
• 3rd Level

Wednesday 6/5/19
• 2nd and 1st Level

Thursday 6/6/19
• Basement

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