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We just received word that the final asphalt cap work that was scheduled for tomorrow has been rescheduled for next Saturday, July 21, from 7am to 5pm.  11th St from Broadway to Flower will be shut down for several hours as the final asphalt cap is placed. During the weekdays next week, planting of vegetation and brick work will continue on the south side of 11th St. from Olive to Flower.

For any of your employees, residents, patrons or vendors, please let them know how any of the above-mentioned work may impact them.  Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to get you answers as soon as possible.

 Josh Kreger

Director of Real Estate and Planning

South Park Business Improvement District

1100 S Flower St, Suite #3400, Los Angeles, CA 90015

josh@southpark.la | o. 213 663 1123 | c. 213-344-6749

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24/7 DISPATCH: 866-560-9346

24/7 DISPATCH: 866-560-9346

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Fire Life Safety Training – July 25th, 7pm

Dear Luma Residents,

As required by the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Regulations, high-rise residents are to receive two Fire/Life Safety Training sessions and participate in at least one fire drill per calendar year.

RESIDENT FIRE/LIFE SAFETY TRAINING WILL BE HELD ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 25TH, AT 7:00PM ON THE 4th FLOOR TERRACE. If you are new to the building or never attended a training session we strongly recommend you make time for this one. If you are leasing your unit, please notify your tenant(s) to attend this important Fire/Life Safety Training.

Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding this important training. Also review the attached documents for additional information.

Resident Emergency Procedures (SP Trifold)

Resident Emergency Procedures (Welcome Guide)

Emergency Supply Ltr List

Thank you,

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Smoking in Your Unit and Your Repsonsibilities

Dear Residents,

We have received complaints that the smell of marijuana is prevalent in the corridor of this floor and inside some units where it’s entering through open windows. Although smoking in the confines of your home is a matter of choice, we ask all smokers to be cognizant that the odor of marijuana and/or second-hand smoke can be very annoying to non-smokers and can cause them to become ill. Causing a disturbance or annoyance to your fellow residents could be a violation of your association’s governing documents resulting in fines or other serious disciplinary action.

When smoking, please be considerate of your neighbors and the LUMA Community as a whole. In some instances, an air purifier will abate the odor and eliminate the nuisance for your neighbors.



Thank you,

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Proper Disposal of Recyclables and Refuse

Dear Residents,

We’ve received complaints that garbage bags are being left in refuse rooms creating an unsanitary situation. Here’s a friendly reminder concerning the proper disposal of garbage and boxes. Garbage bags should be disposed of in the trash chute of the refuse room located on each floor.

How to operate the trash chute :
1. Press the black button
2. Turn the handle clockwise
3. Pull

If the chute is busy, please wait. If the chute is not operating, please contact the Front Desk. Boxes and large cardboard pieces are not to be forced into the chute. They should be walked down to the Recycling Room, broken down and disposed of in the bins. The Recycling Room is located on the first floor across from the elevator vestibule. Please instruct your guests and housekeepers on the proper use of the garbage chute and the recycling room.

Please don’t leave bags of garbage or boxes on the floor of the refuse room. Please don’t place garbage bags, boxes, water bottles or other obstructions in the hallway outside your door. In the event of an emergency, clear hallways are needed for a safe exit. This will also keep things safe and sanitary and reduce the chance of a build up of garbage and its odor will becoming a nuisance.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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