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Film Notice Reminder

Dear Luma Residents,

Untitled Dan Gilroy Project
Dates and Hours:
Prep: March 12th Inside Unit – 7AM to 7PM
Shoot: March 13th Front of the Building (see notes) then Inside Unit – 7AM to 9PM
Shoot: March 14th – Inside Unit – 10AM to 12AM
Shoot: March 15th Garage Parking Level 3 then Inside Unit (see notes) – 3PM to 5AM
Strike: March 16 – Inside Unit – 7AM to 7PM
No Parking Signs:
Production will be using two spaces on Hope St. in front of Luma
Notes on Exterior and Garage Filming
-Exterior sidewalks in Front of Building — allowing for residents to enter/exit as needed
-Filming on 3rd Level Parking (space 3066L & 3067L)
-Staging in 3rd Level Parking (3034L-3042L & 3064L -3065L)
Production Vehicles will be parking and off-loading next to the building in the south alley throughout production. You may experience periodic delays or blockages in the alley during this time so please plan accordingly.

On-Site Rep
Roy Pachinsky 646-872-0242
Thank you,

President Trump's Scheduled Visit to LA

Dear Luma Residents,

President Trump is scheduled to visit Southern California on Tuesday March 13th and Wednesday the 14th.

The trip begins in San Diego tomorrow morning and will be followed by a fundraiser in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area in the evening. It is further reported that the President is expected to be in the area on Wednesday, so we can assume he will be spending the night locally in the Los Angeles area. The locations of the events and where the President will be staying have not been disclosed as is often the case with any presidential visit.

As of this weekend, we are not aware of any permits for planned protests but we are aware of one group advertising on Facebook that has approximately 1000 people stating they would attend a protest to take place in the West Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area from 4pm -8pm on Tuesday. No specific location was yet given.

There are few other details surrounding the trip available , but as with any presidential visit, we can expect significant traffic issues as the motorcade travels through the area. In addition we can expect and should be prepared for additional protests over the next couple of days.

We recommend that you watch for additional updates on the local news channels and social media. Information regarding presidential travel is very limited, but often, the morning of the visit additional information is released to the news media with traffic alerts and areas to avoid.

Luma Homeowners Association

ATTENTION Water Control Valve Replacements floors 4 - 11


Water Control Valve Replacements

Wednesday 3/14/2018

Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

This Wednesday March 14, 2018 at 9:00am there will be a partial shut down of the hot and cold water supply lines for floors 4-11.

Only floors 4-11 will be affected. Hot and cold water will be available. However, there may be fluctuations in hot water being available during this work as we replace pressure control valves. This work is required as we continue to meet the hot water distribution needs for floors 4-11.

After 9:00 am you may experience a lack of available hot water. Please take appropriate measures before 9:00 am as not to be affected by this work as much as possible.

We are anticipating water temperatures returning to normal by the evening. However, it could also take several days for the system to be fully balanced. Once the valves are replaced adjustments may be needed to the water supply system for several days. Any adjustments will be made to meet the required pressures and temperatures for both the residents and the integrity of the water supply system.

We thank you in advance for your understanding as we continue with this work.

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