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Gate/Community Safety Reminder

Dear Residents, Recently we have noticed a pattern of cars tailing others into the parking garage. While it may be innocent, and the person following may be a resident...

Community Updates 9/22/23

 Dear Luma Residents, Elleven Management Update Ambar Huerta, previously Elleven’s Manager Assistant is now their General Manager. If you see Ambar around, be sure to congratulate her on her...

Community Updates for 9/15/23

Dear Luma Residents, 9/18 11th Street Gate Installation Date Repairs to the 11th Street gate have been scheduled for installation on Monday, September 18. The installation will take approximately two...

Pool Planter Work and Partial Closure of the Pool Deck

Next week starting on Monday 9/18/2023 at 8am work on the planter located at the south end of the pool will begin. The planter waterproofing has failed and needs...

Community Updates for 9/8/23

Dear Luma Residents, 11th Street Exit Gate Update The gate has shipped and the delivery of it will be following shortly, so the installation is still on track for September....

Community Updates for 9/1/23

Dear Luma Residents, 11th Street Exit Gate Update Due to Labor Day, the new estimated ship date for the gate is 9/8, so the installation is still on track for...

Community Updates for 8/25/23

Dear Luma Residents, 11th Street Exit Gate Update The installation of the 11th Street exit gate is expected to take place early in the first week of September. We...

Alley Gate

Dear Luma Residents, Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, the 12th Street Alley gate has been placed offline until further notice. Note that the gate will remain in...

Community Updates for 8/18/23

Dear Luma Residents, 11th Street Exit Gate Update The major parts for the gate now have a revised ship date of August 25th. Therefore, its arrival is expected early...

Floor Warden Search

The last day to respond is Thursday, August 24th Dear Residents, Your safety during an emergency is very important to your Homeowners Association, therefore the fire Safety Director, Francis...


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