Manager’s Messages

Fountain Update 7/22/20

Dear Luma Residents,

Earlier this week we performed a water tight test on the fountain after the coating vendor completed their repairs. That test revealed a leak around a return line.   A specialist arrived today (7/22/20) to assess the situation and scheduled further repairs for tomorrow and Friday. After they completed their repairs the  coating vendor will apply new material around the repaired area. This will take 48 hours to cure.  Luma’s Engineering Team will then perform another water test on Monday. Assuming all goes well with that test, the fountain can be completely refilled on Monday, with the rocks installed on Tuesday. Hopefully we won’t have to do this for another 14 years!

Community Announcement 6/25/20

PLEASE WEAR YOUR FACE MASKS WHEN IN ALL COMMON AREAS – ESPECIALLY IN THE CONFINED SPACE OF THE ELEVATORS – Your consideration for your neighbors is appreciated.  LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) JUNE 18TH, 2020 — Face masks are now required across the state of California, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Thursday. The order applies to all Californians in indoor spaces, healthcare settings, on public transportation and rideshare vehicles and at workplaces that are visited by the public or where food is prepared for sale or distribution.  

Prank Bar is Open Through the L.A. Al Fresco program, they will be temporarily expanding their outdoor seating area during the Mayor’s Safer at Home order. Their current hours: Thursday and Friday – 4pm – 10pm Saturday – 11am – 10pm Sunday – 11am – 8pm For more information on L.A. Al Fresco program go to:  

Marches and Protests in DTLA 6/25/20 – 2PM – protest, breakout sessions at City Hall near the park. The nightly protests in DTLA have varied in size, from as little as 20 to as many as 1500. Last night approximately 600 protestors were present at Temple and Spring St., the group splintered with one group of approx. 100 that attempted to gain access to the 110. They did cause a back-up at the offramp near 3rd street, but did not get onto the freeway. Please expect these types of interruptions on a nightly basis as the protests continue.

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at or call us at (213) 742-0387.

New Internet Option

      Dear Luma Residents,
We’re excited to announce that Starry Internet is officially available! Starry offers high-speed internet built without cable bundles or landlines. Starry is revolutionizing the internet landscape by providing a truly white-glove, customer-first service for just $50 a month.

To celebrate the launch, I’d like to give you your first month FREE to try our service! Sign up at and use promo code HELLO1 at checkout to receive this offer.   

– Starry Internet provides:  High-speed internet with download And upload speeds averaging 200+ Mbps      
– No long-term contracts, credit checks or equipment fees       – No data caps or throttled speeds, ever      
– Up to $200 in account credits for any early cancellation fees you may incur      
– 24/7 white-glove customer service      
– All for $50 a month FLAT, every month (no price increases)  

As your dedicated Territory Representative, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.   

Thank you,  
Giselle Dalmage
(310) 392-7321   

Safety-First Installations During this time, the safety of our customers and employees comes first. Starry is following all recommended CDC guidelines and instituting rigorous protocols for all teams that work directly with customers. Learn more here:  

*Promo code can be used by new Starry customers only. $50 a month after the promotional period ends.      

Updates for 6/3/2020

Curfew in Los Angeles Today:

9:00PM to 5:00AM Thursday. Consult local sources as the times may change.

EV Charging Update:

We are in the final stages of the permitting process. Because of Covid-19 there has been a considerable delay in the process but we hope this will be resolved soon and we can proceed with the build out. 

Temporary Procedures for Terrace, Pool and Spa Use:

Please see the attached temporary procedures for the Terrace, Pool and Spa.

Please Keep the Hallways Clean and Clear:

No shoes, welcome mats, water bottles or other items should be stored in the hallway. This can quickly become a fire hazard and could cause harm or injury in the event of an emergency. 

Please be careful of drips or spills when carrying garbage to the refuse room or downstairs. If you notice something has dripped or spilled, please contact staff immediately so we can have housekeeping address the issue. 

Pet Owners: This also applies to pet accidents, don’t attempt to clean the carpet yourself, contact staff so we can address it immediately.Thank you and stay safe!


The following Temporary Facility Use Procedures are intended to make Association facilities accessible to the membership while promoting good hygiene and proper social distancing. Please understand that the risk of infection associated with COVID-19 is an unknown and, while the Association is taking precautions to minimize the risk, there is no way for the risk to be completely eliminated. Thus, please understand that USE OF THIS ASSOCIATION FACILITY IS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Also, please understand that the Association’s ability to keep its facilities open and to mitigate the risk related to COVID-19 is dependent upon everyone working together with social distancing and doing their part to keep everyone as safe as possible.

  1. Anyone using an Association facility is required to adhere to all of the procedures contained herein, as well as existing rules that do not conflict.
  2. No person may access an Association facility that is sick, that has a fever or a confirmed case of COVID-19. Any person visiting a facility should wash their hands regularly and/or use sanitizer.
  3. Access to any Association facility is restricted to residents and their household only (unless authorized by the association, in writing and in advance).
  4. Any facility may be closed at any time, without notice. Residents are required to respect the instructions of any Association agents relating to when the facility is open or closed, as well as any instructions pertaining to proper hygiene or social distancing.
  5. Any portion of the facility that is closed may not be accessed or used at any time.
  6. All residents accessing the facility should use disposable sanitary wipes or similar cleaning materials on any surfaces in the facility that the resident intends to come into contact with (e.g. to disinfect a door handle before entry or to wipe down a chair). Residents are encouraged to wipe down furnishings both before and after each use as a courtesy to neighbors.
  7. Residents are required to maintain the minimum safe distance of 6 feet as currently required by the CDC between themselves and any other resident or group both in and out of the pool. Residents should be respectful of the sentiments of neighbors relating to social distancing.
  8. The furnishings available within Terrace and the Pool & Spa have been placed in a manner to promote proper social distancing. Residents may not move or rearrange any furnishings in a manner that interferes with social distancing or that encourages larger groups. Only one family may occupy any seating station regardless of whether there is additional space available.
  9. Access to the bathroom at any facility is restricted to one household at a time.
    Any person entering an Association facility assumes any and all risks of illness or injury associated with his or her access to a facility. Neither the Association nor any agent or staff member is responsible for any illness or injury suffered by any person as a result of accessing an Association facility


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