Reminders for Pet Owners Regarding the New Carpets

Posted By on July 21, 2023

Dear Residents,

In order to extend the life and to keep our new carpets looking fresh, we wanted to take the time to remind pet owners of the proper protocols in the event your pet has an accident.

If your pet has an accident on the carpet, do not try and clean it yourself as your attempts to be helpful may damage the carpet. Instead, please notify staff immediately so we can take the proper steps to clean the area thoroughly and with the proper solutions since our cleaning staff is trained to access the issue.

Please note that the Rules state that “If a pet urinates, defecates, or in any other way soils any common area in the building, including hallways and elevators, the owner is expected to clean up the soiled area. If the use of a chemical cleaner is required, such as a carpet cleaner (in this case), the owner will notify the front desk and the Luma staff will decide what remedy is most appropriate. In such cases the pet owner may be charged the cost of the cleaning service. Please note that failure to clean up after your pet or failure to notify the Luma staff as explained above will result in a fine to the pet owner.”

The bottom line is that when an accident happens in the common areas, it is the pet owner’s responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure proper cleaning of the area. By notifying Luma staff, this will establish that the accident is thoroughly addressed.

Thank you for keeping our community immaculate.


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