Community Updates for 2/25/22

Posted By on February 25, 2022

Dear Luma Residents,

Send Us a Selfie!  We encourage all homeowners and residents to send us a photo of yourself so we can upload it to the database.  We can use this information for fast identification if necessary.  Send your photo along with your name and unit number to  We hope to see you soon!

LA County Modifies Health Order Requiring Masks Indoors

As the county continues to experience reduced COVID-19 spread, it is appropriate to consider fewer required safety measures, noting that vulnerable individuals should continue to layer in all protections possible. Fully vaccinated individuals can refrain from wearing masks in various indoor locations however it is recommended that residents and guests wear masks in common area spaces as a precautionary measure even if vaccinated.   We also strongly urge anyone who feels sick or has symptoms to please try to stay at home.  If you must go out, please either try not to enter the elevator with other residents, or warn others out of courtesy.  Stay safe!

Ways to Reduce Your Assessments

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be including this segment on ways you can reduce your assessments by making some small changes in your ‘normal’ routine.  The Board’s objective is to educate everyone on these common-sense ideas and to hopefully reduce assessments, overall.

Drains:  What you put down your drains can have a negative financial impact to you, your neighbors and the Association.  If all you ever put down the drain was soapy water, toilet paper and human waste, the Association would never have to pay to have drains cleared.  But unfortunately, grease, bones, hygiene products, metal objects, meat, noodles, rice – the list is long – all find their way in to the drainage system.  This debris builds up along the sides of the pipes overtime, creating restriction and ultimately blockages.  To fix this issue the Association has the kitchen drains cleared by a plumber every two years.  This adds a $40,000 expense to the bottom line.   Not only is this costly but it also is a huge inconvenience for everyone.   Although the Association will always have to clean the mainlines, with everyone’s cooperation, the timeframe between cleanings could be extended resulting in a significant cost savings. 

Thank you!


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