Homeless in South Park

Posted By on November 4, 2019

Dear Residents,

At the last Board meeting on October 16th, the SPBID gave a presentation on homelessness in South Park. Included in the presentation: SPBID’s plan to mitigate homelessness, police enforcement, and trash removal. In addition to SPBID, presentations were given by LAPD, the City Attorney’s Office, and the Sanitation Department.

The SPBID now has a staff member dedicated to working with the homeless in this area. They are working to provide services and/or placement for homeless individuals in housing or other programs throughout the county but they face many obstacles.

The police and the City Attorney discussed the reasons why homelessness is not a crime in this city while crimes can be committed within the homeless communities. Tents and other encampment structures are not allowed on the streets between the hours of 6am and 9pm. If you see a tent or structure during the daylight hours, you can call 311 or visit https://myla311.lacity.org/portal . Also mentioned were specific guidelines about removing private property owned by homeless individuals.

The sanitation department has now devoted extra personnel to sweep specific encampments in the area on a regular basis. They are convinced this will result in more homeless individuals policing their own trash for pick up by the city and ultimately cleaner streets. They hope to incorporate personal hygiene stations including showers into these encampments on a rotating basis.

Homeless individuals are not allowed to block sidewalks or public right of ways. They are also not allowed on private property. On sidewalks, they need to leave enough clearance to be ADA compliant. If you encounter a blocked or narrowed sidewalk due to a homeless person or their property in South Park, you are encouraged to contact SPBID at 866-560-9346. Other issues the SPBID can address are excessive noise, and trespassing on private property.

– In the event of a fire, crime in progress, violent crime, or medical emergency, call 911.
– For graffiti or other cleanliness issues, you can email SPBID at dispatch@southpark.la
– For issues on a bus, train, or train station call Metro at 888-950-SAFE
– To file a police report or make general inquiries with the Police, please call LAPD Non-Emergency at 877-ASK-LAPD.
– Link to LA Mayor’s thoughts on homelessness – https://www.lamayor.org/Homelessness

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