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Posted By on April 22, 2019

April 22, 2019

Dear Residents,

Your safety during an emergency at Luma is very important to Luma Homeowners Association; therefore, the Fire Safety Director, Francis Langlois and Management Staff will be conducting annual emergency evacuation training in preparation for fires, earthquakes, and other emergencies that can have an impact on the residents, occupants and staff of this building. This training is required by state and local codes. The training will include resident instruction; Floor Warden training, building staff training and an annual fire drill conducted under the direction of an approved High-rise Fire Safety Director in accordance with the L.A.F.D. approved Building Fire/Evacuation Plan for this high-rise building.

One aspect of this plan requires a responsible person on each floor of every high-rise building to be designated as a Floor Warden and one person as an Alternate Floor Warden. All floor wardens will be trained in high-rise emergency procedures and working with the Fire Safety Director of the building and the fire department during emergencies. All Floor Wardens and Alternate Floor Wardens will gain vital knowledge on the location of stairwells and other high-rise building life safety features, as well as how to operate fire alarm pull stations and the overall evacuation plan for this building.

The main duty of the Floor Warden/Alternate Floor Warden is to ensure complete evacuation or relocation of all occupants/residents of their floor during emergencies. A copy of the City of Los Angeles Fire Code (section 57.33.19) that requires a Floor Warden Program in high-rise buildings is provided at the Front Desk for your review.

History has shown that emergency planning, preparation and practice in conjunction with neighbors helping neighbors diminishes personal injury and property damage as a result of fire, earthquake and other emergencies.

Luma Homeowners Association, your Fire Safety director, Francis Langlois, and the Los Angeles fire department invites you become an active participant in our fire safety program by joining our Floor Warden Team. If you have questions or concerns regarding the floor warden program or this letter please feel free to call me at the telephone number below.

Please complete the attached “Floor Warden Program Registration Form” and return to the Fire Safety Director in the management office within five (5) business days. You will be advised of the training and annual fire drill dates in the near future.

Floor Warden Program Registration Form 2019 (1)

Thank you in advance for your participation.
Francis Langlois,
General Manager
(213) 742-0387


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