MyFig 11th St. Road Closure this Thursday, 12/15 and Friday 12/16

Posted By on December 12, 2017

Dear Luma Residents,

Below is the impact MyFig project will have on local traffic this week.  Please note this Thursday from 9am to 3pm (estimated) and Friday from 9am to 1pm (estimated) vehicles will only be allowed to exit onto 11th St. from the parking structure.  All vehicle  entries on these dates and estimated times will have to be thru the South alley gate.

Desmond, Grand Lofts, Ten50, LUMA, & Elleven – this week’s MyFIG work includes access impacts on 11th St., on both the east and west sides of the Grand/Hope intersection.  Grand St. will not be impacted by the work.  See attached site plan for a visual on this week’s work.


11th St., between Olive and Grand, is CLOSED, from 9A – 3P (estimated).  The traffic signal on the northeast corner of 11th/Grand is being replaced.  Due to the heavy machinery and scope of work in the street, a full block closure is necessary.  This is the same type of work performed last week, it has moved westbound one intersection.

Ten50, Grand Lofts – local ingress access off of 11th is allowed.  MyFIG will have flaggers stationed on your block to mitigate traffic. Residents simply state their building name for access past flaggers to their parking.  Please communicate with residents about access changes.

For egress access: due to 11th being a one-way, I recommend residents use Margo St. alley as an egress option.  Residents can either travel northbound on Margo St. to Olympic or travel southbound to 12th St.


11th St., between Grand and Hope, is CLOSED, from 9A – 3P (estimated).  The traffic signal on the northwest corner of 11th/Grand is being replaced.  The work follows the same details as Wednesday’s.

Elleven, LUMA – resident ingress access to your 11th St. driveway will NOT be available during this timeframe.  Please communicate with residents to utilize the Hope St. or 12th St. access points to get to the driveway.  Egress access from the garage onto 11th is available to residents.  MyFIG will have flaggers stationed on your block to mitigate traffic.

Desmond – the same ingress access applies to your surface parking lot.  Please communicate with tenants/guests to access the surface lot via Olympic and continue southbound on Catesby Ln. alley.  Egress access from the lot onto 11th is available.

12/15, FRIDAY

11th St., East and West sides of Grand, CLOSED, from 9A – 1P (estimated).   After Wednesday and Thursday’s work, MyFIG must fill in the street from both days’ work. This work involves removing 2-3” of the temporary asphalt and installing the final asphalt at both intersections.

Desmond, Ten50, Grand Lofts, Elleven, LUMA – please follow the same access plans from Wednesday or Thursday.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to get you answers as soon as possible.  I’m available on my cell, (602) 321-3575. Please feel free to contact the MyFIG team directly:

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