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Reminders – Window Washing and Board Meeting

Window Washing Reminder
The Chamberlin Building Services Company has been contracted to wash the windows and balcony floors this year. The date your stack will be cleaned is posted in the mailroom and if we have your email address frequent reminders will be sent to you to keep you apprised of their progress.

Very Important Note – On the date that your stack is to be cleaned, you must have removed all articles/items from your balcony/patio. The window washing crew members are not allowed to move your personal items and/or articles. Failure to remove personal items may result in your windows and/or balcony from being cleaned. Thank you for your cooperation.

What is a stack? A stack runs vertical to the building and is the designation of units by the last two (2) digits of their respective unit number. For example, if your unit number ends in 08, your unit is on the 8 Stack; if your unit number ends with 13, your unit is on the 13 stack. Since the window cleaners start at the roof and work their way down, they clean the building by stack and not by floor, therefore due to the limits of the platform (swing stage) the window cleaners stand on to clean your windows and some units will have their windows cleaned on different dates.

Thank you for your future patience and cooperation concerning this matter.

Board Meeting Reminder

Date: Thursday, May 19, 2016
Time: 7PM
Location: 1020 S. Flower St., LA, CA 90015

Throwing or dropping anything from your balcony is a serious safety hazard and is strictly prohibited.

There have been reports of food, eating utensils and ashtrays landing on balconies as a result of being dropped from above or left in the winds path. Please be conscientious and don’t hold things over your balcony railing or outside your windows and please don’t leave things on your balcony or next to open windows, accidents can happen.
Lightweight items such as food, beer bottles, drinking glasses, cans, articles of clothing, potting soil, and ashtray contents can be picked up by the wind and end up on the ground or someone else’s terrace or balcony. Or worse, could hit someone or damage their property. Please keep in mind the wind is ever present here and you are responsible and liable for items you leave in its path.

LADWP Power Outage and Your Air-conditioner

Dear Luma Residents,

Yesterday around 3pm the entire block experienced a brief power outage. Then again around 11pm we experienced a second outage for a split second. These power outages might have affected your air conditioner due to support systems going offline. All systems are currently back online and working within their parameters. If you happen to experience any issue try resetting your air-conditioning unit by doing the following –

1) Turn off your thermostat

2) Turn off the circuit breaker that controls your air- conditioner (it should be labeled inside your breaker panel)

3) Wait 10 to 15 minutes:

4) Turn your air-conditioner back on by turning on the breaker and thermostat.

This process will reset the computer that controls your individual air-conditioner. If this fails you will need to call a licensed and insured air-conditioner service provider for additional help.

Thank you,


1100 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
phone | (213) 742-0387

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