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Window Washing


The exterior building wash has been scheduled and will begin this coming Tuesday, December 11, 2018.

Please see the two attached files for the scheduled time of your unit and the instructions on what to do in preparation for your units windows to be cleaned.

If you have any questions please call the front desk.

Thank you,

12.2018 Announcement – Window Cleaning

12.2018 Master Window Cleaning Schedule

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Holiday Fund

Dear Luma Residents,

The Holiday Season is well underway; the Board of Directors would like to provide residents with an opportunity to show your collective appreciation to our staff. Many of you show your appreciation throughout the year for the services our 18 staff members provide but this is the opportunity for everyone to say “thank you” and to wish the staff a Happy Holiday Season.

Please know that your participation in the Holiday Fund is strictly voluntary and you may contribute any amount that you like. Donor names and contributions will be kept confidential.

Please note that the General Manager will not be a recipient of the Holiday Fund proceeds. All proceeds will be distributed to all Luma Staff members based on their length of employment. Alternatively, if you wish you are welcome to express your gratitude individually. If you would like a list of the staff members, you can pick one up at the front desk.

If you wish to make a donation to the Holiday Fund, please make your check payable to LUMA Homeowners Association and deliver it to the front desk in a sealed envelope or to the management office.

We would appreciate receiving your donation by Monday, December 31, 2018.

Happy Holidays! ~ Luma Board of Directors

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Christmas Tree Bags

Dear Luma Residents,

It’s that time of year, Christmas season is here.
When you decide to dispose of your Christmas tree, you can pick up a bag at the front desk.

Thank you,

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Window Wash Delay


There has been a significant delay in the window washing of the building. Each year the stage must be certified by a state licensed and CAL- OSHA approved vendor.
The process for certification has changed recently and is now quite extensive. The motor and braking system must be completely removed and taken to the shop of the vendor. There they take everything apart for evaluation and rebuild it as needed.
A complete electrical check is required along with an inspection of all cables, controls, leveling sensors, etc. The platform and the aluminum screen around the platform are thoroughly inspected as well.
This year the brakes were completely rebuilt, the 1000’ of steel cable was replaced and several areas of aluminum screen must be replaced.
The delay at this time is the aluminum screen has not arrived. We have been informed that it is held up in customs. This is a proprietary, patented high strength lightweight aluminum screen that is manufactured specifically for our type of Swingstage (washing equipment).
We apologize for this delay and will keep everyone informed when the cleaning of the windows and building is scheduled.

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