Manager’s Messages

1120 S. Grand Development – Tree Removal Notice

Dear Luma Residents,

The project team for 1120 S. Grand Development, is anticipating the removal of some existing trees in the public way along Grand Ave. The project team pays careful attention to the concerns of its community, and will be replacing the trees, two for one. The tree wells are also being upgraded, so the newly planted trees will be able to thrive as a sustainable part of our community for years to come.

The trees are being removed so the sidewalk and other public infrastructure elements can be approved. This is part of a long process of cooperation and coordination between the project and the cities various agencies, to ensure that the project not only conforms to the needs of the developer but the city and local community.

We live in an environment where our green space is more important than ever and tree canopies are integral to that. It is with this in mind that the project team would like to make the immediate community aware of these removals. We understand that seeing the removal of trees can trigger strong and warranted emotional reactions and we are trying to mitigate that stress and impact with this preemptive missive.

As always, please contact Burnham’s project hotline (310) 863-9200 or the below link with any questions or concerns about the tree removals, public improvements or construction comments.

Thank you!

Clayton Przekop

(310) 863-9200

Burnham Nationwide, Inc.

Los Angeles Office

515 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 1275

Los Angeles, CA 90071


On Tuesday, September 27, 2016, from 7:30am – 5:00pm, Gene Pira, Inc., in conjunction with LUMA HOA management will be performing the Los Angeles Fire Department’s mandatory Chief’s Regulation No. #4 – “Testing of Fire Protection Equipment”.

This testing will commence Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at the LUMA HOA building at 7:30am with no noise testing until 9:00am. After 9:00am “no noise period has ended” inspections that involve the sounding of alarms and/or announcements over the public address system will commence.

Please be advised:

  • Testing the roll down gates (fire gates) on all parking levels between Elleven and Luma will begin at 10:00am and last until approximately 11:00am. The gates descend rapidly and will not stop once they begin. Please take extreme caution when in the vicinity of these gates as you can suffer serious bodily injury and/or death, and your vehicle will sustain severe damage if the gates drop while under them. Please abide by the instructions of testing personnel, who may be at the gate areas during the testing period and posted signs as well. Exercise extreme caution in the garage during the testing period. Please make note of the testing time for the gates.
  • The emergency power system for the building will be tested at 11:00am causing a temporary interruption of electrical service to your unit. As a precautionary measure, please backup all computers programs, documents and data, and shut-off all electronic devices (TV’s, IPODS, IPADS, computers, monitors, etc.). It is highly recommended that you unplug all electronic devices from all wall electrical outlets in the event of a power surge when the electrical service is returned to your unit. This precautionary measure will help prevent damage to electronic devices, their components, and the loss of documents, programs and data. When the power returns, this portion of the test will be complete
  • The elevators will be tested from 11:00am to 12:00noon and there will be no service during this period. During the course of the testing period, elevator service may be periodically interrupted. Please be patient as they will return to service.
  • Please be aware, the alarms are very loud and will disturb infants and small children, and the sound annoys some animals. Please plan accordingly.
  • Please be aware, because the Los Angeles Fire Department’s “Chief’s Regulation No. #4 – Testing of Fire Protection Equipment – is mandated by law, no exceptions can be made to accommodate any special needs, situations and/or circumstances.

Items to be tested:

  • Fire pumps
  • Fire alarms, strobes lights, smoke detectors, fire alarm pull stations
  • Fire sprinkler water flow alarms
  • Fire sprinkler valve tamper switches
  • Emergency generator power, automatic transfer switches
  • Garage roll down gates, elevator landing fire doors
  • Stairwell pressurization fans, mechanical smoke removal fans
  • Fire control panel, firemen’s communication system
  • Public address system
  • Central monitoring station
  • Automatic elevator recall

Please plan your day accordingly, and thank you for your future cooperation during the Los Angeles Fire Department Chief’s Regulation No. #4 – Testing of Fire Protection Equipment.
If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at or call us at (213) 742-0387.

Elleven’s Mandatory Reg. IV Testing – Sept. 13th 7:30am to 5:00pm

Attention Luma Residents,

Please note that we were just made aware of the below:

Elleven will be conducting the Annual Regulation #4 Fire and Life System testing

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hours: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING when utilizing the shared amenities:

  • GARAGE FIRE DOORS will immediately drop once testing begins. Please use caution while navigating the garage area. Do not drive and/or walk under the garage fire gates during this procedure as they are designed to close rapidly and to do so can cause serious bodily injury and/or death and severe damage to vehicles.
  • FIRE ALARMS AND STROBES will be activated throughout the terrace and parking garage, and announcements will be made over the PA system.

We apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your cooperation and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Film Shoot Notice – Saturday, 3 Sept. 10PM

Location: Luma- exterior east/west alley

Dates: Film: Saturday, 3 September 2016 10PM to

3AM on Sunday, 4 September 2016

Company: Diamond Ice US Productions, Inc.“ICE” (Producer)

Producer will film driving scenes for a television pilot along Hope Street and into the Luma alley to the south of the building on Saturday, 3 September 2016 from 10pm to 3am on Sunday, 4 September 2016.

Producer will have camera placement on the west side of Hope Street near the east/west Luma alley only and film a car driving south Hope Street and into the alley.

Producer will have no extras on the sidewalk adjacent to the Luma nor lights in the alley behind the Luma.

Producer will have no set dressing on the sidewalk or in the alley.

Posted No Parking:

Both sides of Hope Street to from 11th Street to 12th Street.

Thank you for you cooperation,

Bartlett HOA and Wynn Locations

Alley Slurry Seal Notice – Aug. 31st – Sept. 3rd

Slurry Seal – Rear Drive and Alley

Attention All Luma Residents.

The alley adjacent the building, as well as the Evo Private Drive, are scheduled to have the second and final slurry coat applied starting August 31st, 2016. Work will be done in sections/zones. 11th St. parking gates will not be affected during this project but the alley will be affected. Please see details below. Traffic in certain areas will proceed in both directions in a single lane, so proceed with caution and be sure NOT to drive or step over fresh slurry.

Work is scheduled to take place by sections/zones from 7:00 AM, Wednesday August 31st through 5:00 PM, Saturday, September 3rd, 2016.

See attached map for a bird’s eye view of this project and how the sections/zones will be closed.

Please plan ahead by allowing extra time to get in and out of the parking structure, particularly during heavy traffic periods. Please note this schedule is subject to change. If necessary updates will be posted and eblasted to keep everyone apprised of any unforeseen changes.

Work will be performed in sections or zones. Although the alley gate will be open during portions of this project to exit, for simplicity reasons, and to avoid any costly mistakes, we strongly encourage all residents to use the 11th Street entry and exit gates for the duration of this project.

***Zone #1

Zone #1 will be closed from 7:00 AM Wednesday, August 31st – to 5:00 PM Thursday, September 1st.

This zone involves the rear alley from 12th St to the center of the Evo’s 2nd gate, as well as the entry side of their private drive.

Note: During this closure you will be able to exit the alley gate to get to Hope St. by making an immediate right onto the alley that runs parallel to Luma. Since the alley is narrow, and there maybe confusion regarding this temporary change from the norm, please proceed with caution.

***Zone #2

Zone #2 will be closed from 7am Thursday, September 1st – to 5pm Friday, September 2nd.

This zone is adjacent to Luma and directly in front of the alley gate.

Note: The alley gate will not operate during this portion of the project. You will only be able enter and exit using the 11th St. gate.

***Zone #3

Zone #3 will be closed from 7:00 AM Friday, September 2nd – to 5:00 PM Saturday, September 3rd.

This zone involves the area directly east of the unoccupied Gladstone Holler building and Evo’s private exit.

Note: If zone #2 dries as expected (temperature and humidity plays a big part) then you should be able to exit the alley gate after 5pm on Friday, September 1st to get to Hope St.. Please pay attention to any signage and directions given by work crews.

Again, we strongly suggest you plan to use the 11th St gate to enter and exit the parking structure from Wednesday, August 31st and Saturday, September 3rd.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your cooperation while we work together to improve our communities.


1100 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
phone | (213) 742-0387

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