Pool Planter Work and Partial Closure of the Pool Deck

Posted By on September 15, 2023

Next week starting on Monday 9/18/2023 at 8am work on the planter located at the south end of the pool will begin.

The planter waterproofing has failed and needs to be replaced.

This area will be partially closed. However, the pool, spa and restrooms will remain open.

Monday, 9/18/2023, the trees, soil and irrigation will be removed from the planter. The soil will be piled on the deck adjacent to the planter.

Tuesday, 9/19/2023, the old waterproofing material will be removed from the planter and the planter prepped for a new waterproof barrier.

Wednesday, 9/20/2023, Install new waterproof barrier.

Thursday, 9/21/2023, Put soil back into planter and install irrigation

Friday, 9/22/2023, any additional work and clean up of the area. Reopen south area of the pool deck.


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