Fire Drill and Training

Posted By on October 24, 2022

Dear Luma Residents,

There was a typo in Fridays eblast and we apologize for the confusion.

Resident training for emergency procedures will be held on Tuesday, October; 25th at 7:00PM-8PM on Google Meet. If you’ve never attended a training session; here at Luma or if it’s been a while and you are due for a refresher, please join the training session. Meeting Link: Join by phone: (US) +1 419-901-8951 PIN: 644317759 

The fire drill that includes alarms, announcements, and mandatory evacuations will be on Wednesday, October 26th at 4:00PM. 

During the fire drill, all of the fire alarms in the building will sound, including the alarms in your unit, and in the common areas: strobe lights will be flashing, announcements will be broadcasted over the public address system, and the fire gates in the garage and the fire doors in common areas will close. Please do not drive and/or walk under the garage fire gates during this procedure as they are designed to close rapidly, to do so can cause serious bodily injury and/or death, and severe damage to vehicles. The garage fire gates are located overhead on each garage level at the entrances/exits to the LUMA/ELLEVEN sides of the garage. 

All residents must exit the building and assemble in front of Starbucks at 11th and Grand Avenue, and report your name and unit number to Francis Langlois, General Manager, and remain outside until the “All Clear Alert” is given to reenter the building. Please be aware that the Fire Marshall will issue citations with monetary fines to persons who fail to exit the building during the drill. Please be aware, the alarms are very loud and will disturb infants and small children, and the sound disturbs some animals. Please plan accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding,


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