Community Updates for 8/5/2022

Posted By on August 5, 2022

Dear Luma Residents,

8/18: Meet Your Neighbors Event 

We’re thrilled to be bringing back our annual “Meet Your Neighbors” event on August 18th, from 4-7PM. Join us at South Park Commons (1120 S Grand Ave) for a night of food, drink, music, and new friends! To RSVP to our free community event, click here.

Luminex 2.0

LUMINEX will return to South Park on September 17 from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. The FREE outdoor digital art exhibition will once again transform our district through augmented reality installations, immersive artworks, and more! For details & to RSVP, click here.

LUMINEX 2.0 will explore the entanglement between materiality and dreamscape illusions, our physical and digital worlds in conflict, and change as a constant driving force. Check out for this year’s line-up of artists who are leading the digital art scene here in LA.

Alley Gate Repair

The repair process is underway.  As soon as the needed parts arrive, which is estimated to take approximately two weeks, the actual repair can begin.  Thank you for your patience, we’ll continue to provide updates as we receive them from Elleven’s Management team.  As they are tasked to supervise all repairs to our three gates.

Parking in Another Resident’s Space

Friends there has been an increase in the number of residents reporting unknown vehicles in their parking spaces.  Please don’t park in another resident’s space without their permission.  The space owner has the right to have the vehicle towed and it can cost you anywhere from $400 to $500 to get your car out of impound once it’s been towed, not to mention the frustration it can cause.

Starry Promotion

Starry had such a great response to their last promotion that they have decided to EXTEND IT.

Until August 15th, residents can get 2 free months + $100 Target or Amazon gift card!

Promotion: 2 free months of Starry service + $100 Target or Amazon gift card!*

Click this link to get offer:

Enter Promo code TARGET for $100 Target gift card at checkout

Enter Promo code AMAZON for $100 Amazon gift card at checkout

Expires: 8/15/22

EV Charger Installation – Promotional Price from EverCharge

EverCharge is offering new customers an EV charger plus installation for the promotional price of $4778.25. Regular price is estimated to be between $5478-$6478 (tax included.) Please see the attached flyer for details.  Please note: Credit card companies charge a small percentage of the overall cost when paying by credit card. Based on the special group rate for the installation, it works out to be $143.35 so the total comes out to $4,921.60 on a credit card and $4,778.25 when going through ACH or sending a bank check.  (Last week the promotional price was incorrectly posted as $4,478.25, the correct price is $4778.25.)

Does Your Front Door Need Repair?

Gold Touch is a company that we use to touchup all our wood throughout the community.  Please contact them if your door needs attention: (714) 318-3487 or Thank you!

Composting Bin in the Recycling Room

There is a new bin in the recycling room designated for composting. The bin is green and located against the East wall.  The bin is for: Coffee Grounds, Fruit, Bread, Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Dairy, and Tea Bags.  Please see flyer posted in the recycling room for a quick reminder of what should go in each bin, composting, recycling, and landfill. 

Please place your composting items inside a composting bag and seal it up BEFORE you deposit in the bin.  The sealed bags will help control flies, while we wait for the container to be picked up by our waste hauler. You can purchase compostable bags at Target, Ralphs, and Hope Depot to name a few.  Thank you!

Need a Bunny Suit?

Last call for the bunny suit.   Since no one came forward to claim this costume, it will be discarded soon.  Save the Easter Bunny and come claim your bunny suit.

LA County Public Health Mask Advisory

4-21-22: Masks are still required in some settings and strongly recommended in others – See the summary here

and the details in the Health Officer Order.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


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