Community Updates for 1/28/22

Posted By on January 31, 2022


Dear Luma Residents,  

Mask mandate: LA County Health Order Requires Face Coverings Indoors – Please be mindful of other residents’ health and safety. Please wear a mask once outside of your home at all times, not only right before entering the elevator. If you are sick, please try to stay home. If you must go out, please either try not to enter the elevator with other residents, or warn the others out of courtesy. Los Angeles County Department of Public Health continues its mask mandate requiring residents to wear masks while indoors, REGARDLESS OF YOUR VACCINATION STATUS. This means you and your guests are required to wear a properly fitted face covering in all of Luma’s indoor common areas including: Elevators, elevator lobbies and hallways on each floor, 1st floor lobby, the gym, and the parking garage. If you see someone in the common areas without a mask, please report it to staff. Thank you for your understanding and compliance during these challenging times. Stay safe!  

Dogs in the Common Areas – If a pet urinates, defecates, or in any other way soils any common area in the building, including the garage, hallways and elevators, the owner is expected to clean up the soiled area. If the use of special tools or chemicals is needed, the owner should notify the front desk and staff will decide what remedy is most appropriate. In such cases the pet owner may be charged the cost of the cleaning service. Please note that failure to clean up after your pet or failure to notify the staff as explained above will result in a fine to the pet owner.  

Short Term Rentals are Not Permitted – Short term rentals are not permitted at Luma in accordance with the governing documents. All leases must be in writing and for a term of not less than 30 days. Unit 204 is the exception to this rule, it was voted into acceptance by the membership at the time the Gym was created. Any resident engaging in the short-term rental of a Luma unit can be fined and lose community privileges per the governing documents. If you have any questions, please contact Management.  

Take Necessary Precautions When It Comes to Your Safety – Please take necessary precautions when it concerns your safety and be aware of your surroundings. Keep the doors of your home and vehicles locked. Call the front desk (213) 742-0387 if you see any suspicious activity in or around the building or call the POLICE at 9-1-1 if you witness a crime or are experiencing an emergency. You can call the Police Anonymous Tip line anytime at (800) 222-8477 if you suspect a crime is being committed. You can also call the SPBID for assistance with security and janitorial services. You may submit a ticket by going to or by calling (866) 560-9346 for requests if you feel unsafe, need to report graffiti, or for homeless issues. You can also call on them for assistance if you need an escort to a specific location in South Park.  

Thank you,     If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at or call us at (213) 742-0387.


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