Filming Notice for July 23rd

Posted By on July 22, 2021

Dear Neighbors,  
We will be filming scenes for our upcoming commercial: “Butter Finger” on Friday 7/23/21, 6am to 10pm in your neighborhood, at the following location:     Ø S. Grand Ave, W 11th St. to W 12th St.  

ACTIVITY INCLUDES: Talent waiting for bus. Exterior dialogue, camera & equipment on sidewalk, curb lane, and across the street. Prop bus stop with signage and prop trash can.   Ø Base camp & crew parking: 215 S. Broadway & 236 S. Broadway . Ø No Parking: West side of Grand Ave. from 11th St. to 12th St. North side of 12th St. from Grand Hope St. West side of Olive St. from 11th St. to 12th St. Ø Lane Closure: Curb +1; West side of Grand Ave. 11th St. to 12th St.               

We understand the impact that filming can have on a neighborhood and want to assure you that we are conscious of minimizing our presence by demonstrating extreme care and consideration while we are guests in your neighborhood.   We have applied for the necessary permits and maintain all legally required liability insurance.

In addition, by order of the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department we are required to abide by the safety protocols outlined in Appendix J. A Covid-19 Compliance Officer will be assigned to us to enforce those safety protocols and monitor compliance.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please do not hesitate to email me at j, or contact me at the phone number below.     Thank you for your time.  

Best regards,  
John Lowe (818) 355-5602  
Division 7 Telephone: 323-817-3300


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