Hotel Project Upcoming Meeting 4/13/21

Posted By on April 8, 2021

Dear Residents,  
By now you should be aware that a developer has proposed constructing a 144 room hotel on the small dirt parcel immediately south of LUMA on Hope St. This proposed hotel will rise 175’ and will block views, light and air circulation for all of our south-facing units and for our neighbors at Elleven and Evo as well, and will contribute to congestion and safety issues in our shared alleys.  

Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC) will be conducting a Board meeting where the proposed hotel project will be discussed. At a previous meeting, the DLANC Planning and Land Use committee voted in favor of the hotel project and they plan on making a recommendation to the DLANC Board to do the same at this meeting.  

The Boards of the adjacent homeowner’s associations are already engaged to oppose this project.  We believe the best path to a good outcome at this and all subsequent public meetings will be to demonstrate the commitment of our owners and residents to oppose this project. 

A few of the main talking points:                            
1. Too Large – The size of the proposed hotel is too big for the lot size and it doesn’t fit with the Code or Design Guide of the neighborhood.
2. Front ‘Drop Off’ area not adequate – There is only 50’ of frontage and room enough for only two cars at a time. If what the developer says is true and most guests will not have vehicles and there is no food service on location, this space will quickly become filled and spill over into Evo’s drive way.
3. No Benefits – The project offers no benefits to the community. There is no restaurant for residents to visit and no retail that would be of interest.
4. Minimum Service Hotel – with only 2-3 employee’s staffing the hotel, it’s not enough to control the activity of the guests.
5. Alley Congestion – It will take 5 minutes minimum to call the unmanned automated garage parking system and additional time to load/unload vehicles and people creating a long queue in the public alley thus obstructing current services provided to the residents of the existing buildings including parking, furniture moving, large package delivery, trash removal, entrance and exit to the parking garages, pedestrian pathways to walk dogs, etc.
6. Blockage of Air flow and Light – The massive block design wall rising 172’ will block the light and air of the residents living on the south side of Luma, and the pool etc. of all 3 buildings.
7. Noise – Automated car park, traffic, gatherings on the roof top amenities, building equipment, etc.  

We encourage everyone to attend this meeting to express your concerns!   

If you have a chance please read the latest article in the Neighborhood Committee newsletter regarding the project:   DLANC Board Meeting – April 13th, at 6:30pm – Zoom information will be provided at a later date.  

Thank you


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