Community Updates 2/26/21

Posted By on February 26, 2021

Dear Residents,  
SPBID Board of Directors Meeting 2/24/21 – Hotel Project Update During the South Park BID Board Meeting on 2/24, Directors and attendees were shown presentations from the developers of the Hotel Project and from Luma’s Board and Hotel Committee members. The SPBID Board voted not to give their recommendation to the project and asked the developer provide additional information.   We’ve received an update that the BID has invited the developer to attend their Infrastructure and Planning (IP) Committee meeting on Thursday, 4/8 for the purpose of getting to the bottom of the issues discussed at the 2/24 meeting. This meeting is open to the public so all can attend and they will have a public comment agenda item. We will continue to provide updates on this upcoming meeting and project as they become available.   

Higher Crime in South Park Captain Scott Harrelson with LAPD’s Central Division was also at the SPBID meeting on 2/24 and reported that crime has been higher in South Park since the pandemic. There was an increase in incidents with firearms and shots fired, disturbances, and aggravated assaults between April 2020 to mid-Feb 2021. Barcito was also broken into this last week-end, by two teenage boys breaking a glass panel on 12th Street to get into the store. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the police are investigating the incident.  

Take Necessary Precautions When It Comes to Your Safety Please take necessary precautions when it concerns your safety and be aware of your surroundings. Keep the doors of your home and vehicles locked. Call the front desk (213) 742-0387 if you see any suspicious activity in or around the building or call the POLICE at 9-1-1 if you witness a crime or are experiencing an emergency. You can call the Police Anonymous Tip line anytime at (800) 222-8477 if you suspect a crime is being committed. You can also call the SPBID for assistance with security and janitorial services. You may submit a ticket by going to or by calling (866) 560-9346 for requests if you feel unsafe, need to report graffiti, or for homeless issues. You can also call on them for assistance if you need an escort to a specific location in South Park.

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Water Spilling from Balconies Please be aware that the Association’s Rules and Regulations prohibit the discharge of any materials and/or substances, liquid or otherwise, from balconies and windows. All liquids on balconies must be either mopped or vacuumed, and during this process, the liquid must be prevented from dropping onto the balconies below. This is particularly true when watering plants. The spilling of liquids onto the balconies below can cause damage to and/or soil items that your neighbors may have on their balconies. Please exercise extreme caution when cleaning your balconies and watering plants.   

Mask Wearing Reminder It is important that every resident and guest of LUMA wear a proper face covering and adhere to social distancing rules when in the common areas, hallways, and elevators in the building. Please help to protect everyone’s health and safety by following these rules. If you choose not to wear a proper face covering, please do not access the common areas or elevators. Non-compliance may result in a hearing, fines, or other disciplinary action within the confines of the governing documents. So be a good neighbor and please wear a mask!  If you see someone in the common area not wearing a mask, please report it to staff.  

Thank you and enjoy the weekend!


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