Update to Social Distancing Protocols

Posted By on March 23, 2020

Dear Luma Residents,

In our combined efforts to minimize possible exposure to COVID-19 thru social distancing, we ask everyone to follow below guidelines:

• Please stay in your home, going out only if it is absolutely essential. Minimizing traffic within the elevators and lobby will reduce possible exposure at these pinch points, which ultimately benefits everyone.

• Under normal situations, Staff regularly interacts with countless residents during the course of a days’ work. This of course increases exposure to our staff and our residents. To reduce this exposure, we ask that you minimize your contact as much as possible with staff. If a task is not essential or you can accomplish it thru emails, we encourage you take these alternate routes.

• Packages are not only handled by staff but by carrier personnel and delivery people that visit countless communities within the Los Angeles area. To help minimize this exposure, we ask you keep your deliveries to just the essentials. We know with all this down time it is tempting to get caught up on your online shopping but the exposure from these packages is simply not worth obtaining that nonessential item.

• If you need to take your dog(s) for a walk, we ask you use the back-alley gate rather than the lobby. The gate is large and allows easier social distancing than the lobby. We typically do not suggest pedestrians use the alley gate, but under this unprecedented time we feel this is in the better interest of everyone. For security purposes, please report anyone that looks suspicious hanging around any of our gates.

• In the best interest of the community the Gym facility is temporarily closed until further notice. The terrace, pool and spa will remain open however the California Department of Public Health recommends that you practice social distancing when possible (6 feet of space between individuals).

• We are developing on a day-to-day basis contingency plans for various scenarios. Under the best of conditions, Luma operates a very limited staff. Just one employee missing due to an illness has a dramatic effect on the day-today operations. To have several employees under quarantine would be a severe operational challenge. To plan for this possibility, we are looking for resident volunteers that have certain skill sets unique to high-rise maintenance and care. If you are willing, have the time, and possess any of the below experience, we ask that you email Management the days and times you are available, what experiences you have and the extent of that experience, listing all your contact information. For instance – While attending college for 4 years I worked as a plumber’s assistant/journeyman handling various drain cleaning equipment and fixture repair replacement. The best number you can reach me at is ———. Management will reach out to you if more information is needed.

1. Plumbing
2. Electrician
3. Mechanical Building – Boilers, PRV, various HVAC systems, Building Control Systems, Pumps and valves of various sizes, types and functions, Fire Life Safety and pool/spa maintenance
4. Front Desk – Concierges, customer relations/services
5. Cleaning, particular training in sanitizing and PEP
6. Security
7. Management – Project Management and/or Certified Property Management


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