CDC COVID-19 Virus Update

Posted By on March 16, 2020

Dear Luma Residents,

The highest priority for your management team and Board of Directors is to do what we can to preserve the health and safety of the residents, guests and team members in this building. With that in mind, we have established protocols to respond to potential and actual infections of the COVID-19 virus in this building.

The following protocols and steps are built around recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
Here is what you should know; Identification of Potential or Actual Infections:

Based on the criteria provided by the CDC, if you have or potentially have been infected by the COVID-19 virus, please notify General Manager Francis Langlois in the Management office. Francis Langlois will respect your privacy and identity, but will be able to take steps to assist you and to implement precautionary and preventative measures for the community as a whole.

The following is the criteria from the CDC. If you fit any of this criteria, please contact Francis Langlois:
• You have traveled within the past 14 days to any of the CDC Risk Level 3 countries, which currently include:
o China
o Iran
o South Korea
o Europe
• You know that you have been in direct contact with a person who has contracted COVID-19
• You have symptoms of the COVID-19 infection and you do not have a diagnosis from a medical professional. Symptoms include:
o Fever
o Cough
o Shortness of Breath
• You have a confirmed diagnosis from a medical professional for a COVID-19 infection
Management Response to Identified Residents:
Direction from the CDC is that anyone who fits the above criteria should be quarantined for at least 14 days. If you, or anyone in your household, fit this criteria, please self-quarantine in your home or, if possible, in another location.
If anyone is to be quarantined in the building, please follow the following guidelines:
• Notify the management office or Front Desk of any need to leave your unit and when you will return. If possible, a 30 minute notice will be helpful. Our team will takes steps, if possible, to arrange for an isolated elevator for you to use. We can also take steps to disinfect and sanitize any portions of the building that might be affected in the path of travel.
• For garbage disposal, please schedule with management team to leave garbage bags outside your door. We will arrange for disposal.
• Coordinate with the management team for deliveries, packages and groceries that you may have arranged. We will deliver to your door and leave items outside your door. Please do not retrieve these items until we have left the area.
• Note that our management team will not enter any units where there is a quarantine. If there is an emergency, we will take steps to follow CDC guidelines.
For all residents, we want to encourage you to call the front desk instead of coming in person whenever possible. We want to all do our part to maintain social distancing.
We know that if you are under quarantine, it may be a time of heightened anxiety and concern for you. We will do all we can to be helpful to you and compassionate about your situation. At the same time, we want to take precautionary and preventative steps to protect other residents and our team so that we do not spread infections any further – and so that our team is able to continue to support you and all of the residents in the building.

These are quickly changing times and we will keep you updated as new information arises and if protocols need to be changed or augmented.

Thank you.


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