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Dear Residents,

THE BUILDING, PARKING GARAGE, PERIMITER ~ Please keep an eye out for any activity that appears out of the ordinary and report any suspicions, concerns or security threat to the front desk. (213) 742-0387. A phone call can be very helpful in preventing and decreasing security risks. Your cooperation is appreciated by all who call Luma their home.

ELEVATORS ~ If someone is in the elevator and cannot seem to select a floor, please do not scan your fob. Please direct the person to the front desk. This will prevent unauthorized access.

PARKING GATES, GARAGE ~ If a resident approaches the gate and there is a car and/or person waiting, DO NOT open the gate, unless you can confirm the person is a resident. Otherwise, wait a moment to make sure the person has a garage remote. If they remain in front of the gate, contact the front desk to report the person in front of the gate. Residents may go around to the alternate entrance or wait for Luma staff to verify the person at the gate. Please contact the front desk if you notice any suspicious foot traffic or activity around the parking gates. Never leave valuables in plain view. Personal items, including cell phones, GPS devices, laptops or backpacks/purses should be removed from vehicles. If you must leave personal items in your vehicle, place them inside the trunk and/or out of sight.

HOMELESS ~ There has been an increase in the number of Homeless individuals in the area recently. Please be sure to call in any sightings near the garage gates or around the immediate area to the SPBID (213) 841-1181, or police and/or the Front Desk (213) 742-0387.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF A CRIME OR A WITNESS ~ The top priority of the Los Angeles Police Department is to prevent crime from occurring. Unfortunately, in a complex urban society such as Los Angeles, it is not possible to stop all criminal activity. We understand that crime victims can become lost in a justice system that is geared to prosecuting criminals. But during the last three decades, there has been increasing sensitivity to the needs and rights of crime victims on the part of the criminal justice system. For more information please see the LAPD website.

Please remember that residents should not rely on the Association to protect them from loss or harm. Residents should take every precaution to secure themselves and their personal belongings such as but not limited to, carrying insurance against loss, keeping doors (cars and units) locked, refusing to open any doors to strangers, asking workmen for identification and reporting anyone who is acting in a suspicious manner.

In the past it has been the practice of Luma to eblast criminal activity reported to the Association, however, after conducting a thorough review of crime prevention efforts legal counsel has advised against this practice. The Association suggests you reach out to local law enforcement to obtain information regarding criminal activities in your neighborhood and the City in general. You should never rely on the Association or other agencies that do not specialize in law enforcement.

Thank you.


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