Lobby Improvement Updates

Posted By on August 23, 2018

Dear Residents,

Monday and Tuesday, August 27-28: Main Lobby demo and carpet pull up, all areas roped off. For safety reasons, the Hope St. lobby entrance will not be accessible to residents, vendors or delivery personnel during this time. Alternate building access will be available through the emergency exit on Hope St. We will have at least two personnel posted just outside entrance of the lobby to give assistance, instructions and/or directions.

Wednesday-Friday, August 29-31: Postal Room demo first thing in the morning on Wednesday August 29 so that afternoon delivery will take place. However, pick up of mail will not be available until early evening. Hallway and Elevator Lobby: afternoon demo on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, any final demo or clean up.

Tuesday-Friday, September 4-7 Main Lobby and Postal Room tile installation.
Monday, Wednesday – Friday, September 10, 12-14 Hallway and Elevator Lobby tile installation. (No work will take place on September 11th due to scheduled Reg. IV testing.)
–in addition, each elevator will be out of commission for one full day as the construction team will demo and install new tile in a full day. The days for this will be noted on a separate email as the contractor gets closer to completing the above work.

Monday – Friday, September 17-21. All finishing work to the tile, grouting and clean up.

NOTE: please be aware that due to all of the pulling up of the carpets and tile demo there will be loud noises, dust, uneven surfaces, loose tile, carpet etc. in the vicinity of this work. If you can, please try and avoid these areas. Call the Front Desk if you require reasonable accommodations.

Please also use caution when traversing the lobby, mailroom, 1st floor parking structure, front entry, South alley, 1st floor elevator and basement elevator vestibules during this remodeling project. There may be occasional loud noises, extension cords, tools, ladders, rough or uneven surfaces, dust and various construction type particulates in the construction zones. We ask you use caution when in close proximity of these areas.

Please let Management know if you require any reasonable accommodations during this process. Our Designer and their contractors will make all reasonable efforts to ensure ease of use of the lobby and other common areas but some inconveniences, areas closed off as noted above and/or delays are inevitable. We ask for your understanding and to certainly let us know if there are reasonable steps we can take to make this process easier for you and your guests. We have always been, and will always be, open to helpful suggestions.


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