Lobby Improvement Update

Posted By on June 21, 2018

Dear Luma Residents,

The actual physical work on the lobby improvement project will start this July 9th with an estimated completion date of December 15th. During this period of time we ask that you use caution when traversing the lobby, mailroom, 1st floor parking structure, front entry, South alley, 1st floor elevator vestibule and basement elevator vestibule. There may be occasional extension cords, rough or uneven surfaces, dust and various construction type particulates in the construction zones. Again, we ask you use caution when in close proximity of these areas.

Please let Management know if you require any reasonable accommodations during this process. Nielsen Dye Design (design team) and their contractors will make all reasonable efforts to ensure ease of use of the lobby and other common areas but some inconveniences and/or delays are inevitable. We ask for your understanding and to certainly let us know if there are reasonable steps we can take to make this process easier for you and your guests. We have always been, and will always be, open to helpful suggestions.

The following is a brief list of work that will be accomplished:
• Lighting – Starting July 9th prep work to the ceiling to accommodate the weight of three custom chandeliers and 5 pendants will begin in the lobby. A soffit to accommodate matching blue accent light to replace the existing track lights will be installed. There are also three new chandeliers replacing the existing chandeliers in first floor elevators vestibule. The design team anticipates the installation of the chandeliers and pendants to occur around August/September. Most lighting work will be conducted between the hours of 9PM to 6AM to have as little inconvenience to everyone as possible.
• Wallpaper – The week of July 9th the mosaic tile will be removed and the wall prepped for commercial grade wallpaper. Minor prepping behind the front desk for the same wallpaper will also occur to ensure the wallpaper has a smooth and competent surface.
• Drywall – Starting July 16th drywall repair to the ceiling, mosaic tile removal and misc. locations throughout project area may require some attention. All repaired areas will receive initial white primer paint. Most drywall work will be conducted between the hours of 9PM to 6AM to have as little inconvenience to everyone as possible.
• Paint – Starting July 16th initial painting will take place. The early initial painting is being done to ceiling at this time to maintain reasonable appearance throughout this process. Final painting/touchup will be made near the end of the project. The walls may have unpainted areas until the final painting near the end of this project.
• Flooring – The entry lobby (except package room, fire control room and administration office), mailroom, 1st floor elevator vestibule and all three elevators will have a special manufactured Italian LEED certified tile flooring. The tile has already been ordered and should arrive from Italy by the end of July. Actual demolition for the old flooring and installation of the new tile will not be known until the tile arrives at Luma in satisfactory condition. There could also be a few unknowns that might affect the progression of this work as the old flooring is removed.
• Final Construction Work – In August/September the design team anticipates they will be able to hang the six chandeliers, five pendants, finish the painting, do any touchup, install the dividers and any other finishing touches that may be required.
• Furniture & LEED Certified Casement Drapery – Shortly after the Final Construction Work is completed; the furniture and drapery will be installed. Since some of the pieces are custom, their delivery date is not known, but we feel the entire project should easily be completed on or before December 15th. But keep your fingers crossed just to be on the safe side.
Note: Dates are approximate and subject to change for various unforeseen reasons. Every effort will be made to have this project completed on or before December 15th. As the project progresses the design team will provide pertinent updates.

Thank you,
Luma Homeowners Association


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