Luma Pool/Spa/Terrace Rules

Posted By on May 25, 2018

Dear Residents,

It’s that time of year again and as a reminder, here are some of the pool rules. The terrace and pool rules are also posted at the pool gate and near the fountain. Please see the attached document for the complete terrace/pool rules. If you should have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day!

Terrace/Swimming Pool & Spa Rules

Pool and Spa and Terrace opens at 5 a.m. Monday thru Friday, and 6 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.
Pool and Spa and Terrace closes at 11 p.m. Sunday thru Thursday and midnight Friday and Saturday.
We ask that you please be considerate of your neighbors while using the pool and spa.

In an effort to ensure that the amenities are available to all residents, no individual resident, or group of residents, may have more than ten (10) persons on the fourth floor terrace and pool area at any given time.

NO LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY! Lifeguard or supervisory service is not provided. Even if a monitor is present, anyone using the recreational facilities shall do so at their own risk, responsibility and liability.

Pets of any kind are not permitted in the pool or spa areas except with the specific prior written approval of the Board.

For safety reasons, no glass or sharp objects are allowed in the pool or spa. If glass or sharp objects are brought to the pool area and they cause an accident, the responsible Owner will be liable for the cost of any resulting damage or injury. Only plastic or suitable non-breakable containers are allowed near the pool area.

Diving is not permitted in any areas of the pool or spa. Running, pushing or boisterous activity in or around the pool or spa areas is also prohibited.

Cellular phones, radios, cassette, or CD players must be battery operated and headsets must be worn. The noise level must be kept to your personal area only so as not to disturb others. The Association may post additional rules regarding the use such devices at the pool area.

Each Resident is responsible for placing his/her (and guests’) litter and debris in the trash receptacles prior to leaving the pool and spa area.

Intoxicated persons are prohibited from using or being in close proximity to the pool or spa.

No DJs, home stereos, clock radios or other amplification devices and/or similar services are permitted on the fourth floor terrace and pool area. All noise levels, regardless of their source, must be kept to your personal area only so as not to disturb others. The only exceptions to these rules are Association sponsored events, For clarity purposes, the Association reserves the right to post additional rules regarding the use of such devices and services at the pool and terrace areas without further notice to the membership.


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