Filming at Luma- Why we do it?

Posted By on May 4, 2018

Filming at Luma- Why we do it?

Over the past ten years, Luma has been host to many filming projects.  The income generated from filming has been instrumental in providing many financial benefits to Luma residents and the neighborhood overall. Below you will find a list of amenities and other advantages that were funded by filming income.  We believe the positive financial assistance far outweighs the occasional inconvenience associated with filming at LUMA.  With all of the new buildings being constructed in South Park, there will be added competition for shooting in the area and there is no guarantee filming income will continue in the future

Direct Benefits to Luma:

  • The just approved Luma Lobby Improvement Project. The upgraded lobby is important to the desirability of our building and will likely increase property values, especially as many new buildings spring up downtown.
  • Luma Gym  Its construction and the equipment were paid for by film money
  • Extensive renovations to Lobby Desk
  • Provided financial buffer during last economic downturn
  • Allowed one month’s abatement of assessments
  • Total location fees paid to Luma HOA to date $368,200

Care for the Common Areas:

  • Industry Regulations require Production companies to treat our building with care. They typically leave our building as good (or better) than they found it. Again, Production picks up the tab!
  • Luma HOA fees have consistently remained some of the most reasonable in South Park. Filming revenue has helped to keep it this way.

Cool Factor:

  • Many Luma homeowners have commented how cool it is to see the filming process up close and personal! That in itself is quite cool. But meeting the cast and crew is even more glamorous. Others have said how much they enjoyed seeing our building portrayed in commercials, shows and feature films. We are after all living in a “Company Town” and Luma is a player in Hollywood.

Benefits to the Community at Large:

  • A typical location shoot spends 50 thousand dollars a day on hotel, restaurants, dry cleaners and stores & labor to name a few. Local communities reap economic benefits whenever filming occurs in town.
  • Jobs are created; money flows into businesses and tax revenue is generated.

That concludes our quick walk through as to how filming works in the building and how it benefits everyone who calls Luma “home.”  It’s also a snapshot as to why we are sought after location for filming.

Any questions, comments, or opinions? Don’t hesitate to contact your HOA manager for more information.




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