MyFig Project Update

Posted By on March 22, 2018

Dear Luma Residents,

Below is a message from the South Park BID regarding a change in the MYFIG project work site. Beginning on 3/17 it will be moving to the south side (LUMA) of 11th Street.

Happy Friday, everyone!

MyFIG has officially moved to the south-side of 11th St (Luma’s side). This south side work is expected to be less invasive than what occurred on the north side.

MyFIG and SPBID have been working closely the past few weeks to prep for this switch. At SPBID’s request for MyFIG to proactively prepare for the upcoming work, the project has surveyed the south side and has taken the existing properties into account beforehand. Additionally, specific stakeholder impacts have been acknowledged and are to be taken into account during construction.

Started on 3/17
11th St., between Main and Flower, will experience traffic delays and loud work. This work is scheduled for 8A – 3P. Expect rolling ~10-15 minute traffic delays throughout the day for westbound traffic.

MyFIG will be restriping the north side of 11th, in preparation to flip the flow of traffic. Restriping involves a grinder machine that is louder than normal. Please let residents know about this work.

When the restriping is finished, the cement krail will be moved to the south side of 11th. The krail relocation is moving east to west along 11th. The south side will be the new construction zone and cars will now drive on the north side of 11th.

All alleys, between Hill and Flower, will be accessible during the south side work. During the north side work, concrete krail was dropped and local access was cut off to 11th St. SPBID surveyed all alleys along the south side and MyFIG has approved to keep those alleys accessible throughout construction. This means krail will not be dropped or block the alleys.

However, there will be times where temporary access is closed due to specific work. When that happens, you will be notified in advance and need to reroute access for driveways, garages, etc.

• Expanded sidewalks were installed
• Additional lighting was added
• New landscaping is in place
• ADA-compliant ramps were installed
• New driveways at each alley were installed

Please feel free to contact MyFIG directly:
Mat Talag, LADOT
(213) 305-0312

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