Homeowners’ Inspection and Maintenance Obligations

Posted By on August 21, 2017

August, 2017

Re: Homeowners’ Inspection and Maintenance Obligations

Dear Luma Homeowner:

The South Park Phase II, LLC (LUMA Condominium developer) provided “Maintenance Guidelines (MG)” to the original owners of each unit. The MG outlines inspection and maintenance requirements to be performed by unit owners as well as inspection and maintenance schedules after improvements are made to individual condominiums. The obligation of owners to perform maintenance is further outlined in the LUMA Homeowners Association’s governing documents – Enabling Declaration, Rules and Regulations, etc. This letter serves as a reminder to homeowners of their obligation to perform routine inspections and maintenance at their expense of condominium components.

For your convenience, a copy of the MG is attached here and can be located on the LUMA HOA website (www.lumahoa.com). Each homeowner must thoroughly review and perform the inspection and maintenance required. Additionally, the Enabling Declaration obligates homeowners to maintain and repair the following in-home components:

• Door closure mechanism, hardware, gaskets and seals
• Interior surfaces of all perimeter and interior walls, ceilings and floors (including carpeting, tile, wall paper, paint or other coverings)
• Garbage disposals
• Hot water heaters (if applicable)
• Ranges
• Refrigerators
• Dishwashers
• Washing machines
• Dryer and dryer exhaust vent
• Light fixtures
• Smoke and Carbon detectors
• Other appliances – deep freezers, microwave ovens, toasters, etc.
• Heating and air conditioner unit and ventilation system and perform routine maintenance per manufacturer specifications
• Exterior doors (except cleaning and painting)
• Interior doors, including all hardware
• Cabinets
• Light bulbs
• Plumbing fixtures and component parts
• “Built-in” features
• Decorative features, furniture and furnishings

(See Section 7.16 – Owner’s Right and Obligation to Maintain and Repair – Enabling Declaration)

The aforementioned list may not be all inclusive of homeowners’ inspection and maintenance obligations, but a reference for which to begin scheduling preventative maintenance inspections and repairs as needed. Special attention should be given to plumbing fixtures – toilets, sinks, showers, icemakers, HVAC condensation lines, water filtration systems, etc. It is required by the Rules and Regulations that all plumbing fixtures be inspected, and repaired when needed, by a licensed and insured plumber.

As an extra layer of protection from water leaks, you may wish to investigate feasibility of installing a “leak detection device”. According to manufacturers of these devices, when they are properly installed in close proximity to a water source or plumbing fixture, and a leak occurs, an alarm sounds alerting you to the leak. You can review a variety of these devices on online.

Owners may also be responsible for the cost to repair damage to the Association’s common area caused by the owner or his/her family members, tenants, guests or pets pursuant to Enabling Declaration, Section 5.1A(ii).

The failure to properly maintain the components listed above and in the Maintenance Guidelines could result in a unit owner being responsible for damage caused by water leaks or other sources of damage emanating from within a unit. (See Enabling Declaration, Section 5.1A(vi)) Therefore, each owner’s compliance with these maintenance obligations is essential and will help protect the integrity of other units and the common area throughout the community.

If you have any questions or comments regarding homeowner’s inspection and maintenance obligations herein described, please contact the Association’s management office at (213) 742-0387.



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