Road Closures for Saturday, April 29th and Monday, May 1st, 2017

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Dear Luma Residents,

Below is information that may help your commute in and around the Donwtown area this Saturday, April 29th  and Monday, May 1st.

Saturday April 29th  The closures will begin at 10am for Fiesta Broadway. This is a stationary event that will close Broadway from Temple to 5th Street until approximately 5am on Monday, May 1.

 Monday May 1st  There are several marches planned within the city of Los Angeles for May 1st, 2017. Traffic may be impacted, especially in the afternoon and depending on your direction of travel (see attached map). In addition to the marches, the Dodgers will be playing the Giants beginning at 7:10pm.  Afternoon northbound traffic in the vicinity of the stadium will contribute to overall traffic gridlock.

March Routes 5-1-17

1) At 8am, one group will gather at Olympic and Broadway. They have advised they will march north on Broadway at approximately 10-10:30am. They will rally at First and Broadway between 11:30amand 1:30pm, then disband from there. (the organizers-March and Rally Los Angeles and Hermanidad Mexicana estimate they will have approx. 10,000 persons)

2) Likely the largest march will gather in MacArthur Park from approximately 9am until noon. At this time they will march east on Wilshire Blvd and travel north and east (around Pershing Square) until they travel north on Hill Street and enter Grand Park eastbound toward the City Hall Steps and the previously mentioned stage. They estimate the arrival at approximately 1:30pm.  They will rally, including music, until approx. 3:30pm and disband from there.  The organizer estimates 100,000 persons will be involved in this march.

3) Related to the large march from MacArthur Park, a group is gathering in Pershing Square for a short rally and voter drive/registration. This may be a very large group as they intend to join the march from MacArthur Park and it will shorten that walk by approx.1 mile. The organizer anticipates 30-50,000 persons for this gathering.

4) At Olympic and Broadway, a second group will gather from 10am until noon. At noon, they plan to march north on Broadway and enter Grand Park from Broadway. They will join the large march from MacArthur Park for their rally at the City Hall Steps/Grand Park. The organizers for this march estimate 15,000 persons.

Download the route map here

For those that travel by shuttle bus – Union Station shuttles may experience significant delays, especially in the afternoon.  The LA Department of Transportation indicates the possibility of re-routing the A and D buses other routes should remain the same – although delays are expected.


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