Access Control Test Notice

Posted By on February 6, 2017

Dear Luma Residents,

As a part of the continuous efforts to improve the Luma community, the Board of Directors of the Luma Homeowners Association has decided to review possible improvements to the access control procedures.  There will be a temporary test of change to study the impact of keeping the lobby doors locked 24 hours per day, requiring the use of a key fob to enter the front door at all hours.

This will start on Friday 2/10 and will run through Monday 2/13.  Please note that there may be some impact to residents and guests, as well as to operations staff, delivery persons, etc.

The Board is asking residents (homeowners and tenants) to provide positive and negative feedback and/or suggestions regarding this procedure, as they will take these under consideration before making a decision on implementation.

Residential Impact: You will need to use your fob to enter the front doors on Hope Street.  If you have guests accompanying you, please identify them as such to the front desk staff.

Entry Instructions for guests, vendors and residents without a fob:

Push the ‘CALL’ button on the access control keypad next to the entrance, listen for dial tone, then dial ‘01’ and a front desk Associate will respond.  Note: instructions are also posted on the access control keypad.   The procedure for further access is unchanged, all visitors will be verified prior to granting access.  If you are a resident and you forget your fob, verification of residency will be required if you are not recognized by the front desk staff.  If you have guest(s) accompany you through the lobby, please identify them as such to the front desk associate as you pass by.

Please email all comments, positive or negative regarding this 4 day experiment, to the General Manager, Francis Langlois, at

Thank you for your continued concern and participation.


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