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Posted By on January 20, 2017

Dear Luma Residents,

After the recent shooting incident that occurred on January 10th , Luma’s Board of Directors held a meeting on January 18th where all residents were invited to share their thoughts, concerns and suggestions on this matter. After a lengthy discussion they created the following action plan.
Immediately implemented:
– Distribute South Park Business Improvement District (SPBID) contact information to all residents so they can report suspicious/criminal activities, graffiti issues and trash/debris removal etc… The Board encourages all residents to program this contact information in your cell phone. The next time you take a walk, bring your phone along and report anything you see that is out of the ordinary or devalues our community, such as graffiti. 24/7 Clean & Safe Hotline: (866) 560-9346 or – Luma Front Desk: (213) 742-0387 or
– For EMERGENCY SITUATIONS CALL 911 first, then call the Front Desk or BID depending on the situation.
– Lock the lobby entry door daily from 8pm to 7am. If you plan to return to the building thru the lobby entry between 8pm to 7am. Please remember to bring your FOB. We welcome your feedback on this recent change.
– Luma has a standing Committee comprised of retired and two active LAPD officers, security and access control specialists with police background. This Committee was tasked in the past, and again after this event, to review Luma’s crime prevention measures and to make recommendations to the Board based on their findings. LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Dan Reedy, who attended the last Board meeting has also agreed to join the Committee for this review. This is a brief list of criteria the committee will be focusing their attention on: review and learn from the January 10th event, current patrol services, surveillance system, access control measures, outdoor lighting. The Committee’s report will be shared with all Luma members, via email, once reviewed and approved by the Board.
– Review of current rules for renters and explore with legal counsel additional rules that improve the community’s safety.
– Encourage South Park BID to restart their neighborhood watch meetings and to leverage their assets for coordinated protection of the community. (Meeting already held between Committee, Luma’s Management and SPBID on 1/17/17)
– Coordinate crime prevention assets with Elleven. (Meeting already between both Managers and the Committee on 1/12/17.)
– An eblast campaign reminding residents the option to provide their photos to the front desk for ease in identifying our residents from non-residents.
– Board approved expenditure for appending to the existing lighting in the alley. (Anticipate lights to be installed by the end of February.)
Cost Consideration by the Board:
– Obtain separate proposals to FOB and intercom each parking structure elevator lobby doors and recycling room doors.
– Explore labor costs for additional access control personnel.
– Explore labor costs to increase pay structure of patrol personnel to encourage career based employees.
– Explore feasibility for high speed gates.
It is understood that not everyone can attend meetings but that should not stop you from sharing your ideas. If you see a great procedure or new device or have a concern, please don’t wait to share, immediately email management at


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